Using her skills in metal wire knitting Dutch/American artist Nicky Statius (former Falkenhayn) creates tapestries of rich reflective metals. Inspired by her mother who included her children’s drawings into her art,  Nicky gained confidence in her own artistic ability. She found her passion creating abstract forms with clean simple lines, bold tapestries, windows open to the imagination of others.

Starting with an observation of her surroundings as inspiration, she creates her own “canvas” of knitted copper and silver wires. Lush gold leaf is then applied to these surfaces, giving these their due respect and let light bounce in unexpected ways. The relaxed zen like making of these works is in stark contrast with the hectic fast tracked life style of most.

After growing up in Europe she traveled around the world before the Pacific North West became her home. Classes at the Oregon College of Art and Craft and the Pacific NW College of Art launched her as a studio artist in the early 90‘s. She is showing her work around the USA at fine art shows, galleries, private collections and museum shows.

When a childhood dream of living on the water presented itself, she again focused on her original art form.

She now lives and works on a houseboat in Scappoose, Oregon.